"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

CSG Quotes about God’s only begotten son and daughter

CSG Quotes about 
God’s only begotten son and daughter

"Blessed marriage and eternal life begins from True Parents. They cannot exist without True Parents." CSG p.758

Father is clear: "When the only begotten son comes, it would be a disaster if he were to live alone. There has to be an only begotten daughter. The only begotten daughter must be found and, centering on God, the only begotten son and daughter should marry each other.. This way, God should rejoice as the vertical parent and the only begotten son and daughter must become the bride and bridegroom who can rejoice as the horizontal parents and give birth to children on earth. Only then will the tribe begin to expand." CSG p.180

(1) It would be disaster if Father was alone
(2) There is an only begotten daughter (Mother)
(3) Only than God can rejoice
(3) Give birth to children on earth for tribe to begin

Sanctuary Church guys think ignorance is bliss. As usual, THEY ACCUSE MOTHER FOR REPEATING FATHER'S WORDS. Fact is, Father said that Jesus is the Only Begotten Son and that she is the only Begotten Daughter born 2000 years later without original sin. Father says, he didn't need to be born without sin, just had to inherit Jesus foundation, but Mother, as the first restored woman, had to be born of pure lineage... THESE ARE FATHER'S EXPLANATIONS.
"You cannot go to the kingdom of heaven alone. You can enter the gates of heaven only after you have your ideal object partner." CSG p. 759

And few more things SC forgets; We accept no divorce and we are responsible for our partner to save him even from hell:

"The members of a blessed family cannot be separated from each other no matter how hard they try.. if the wife failed to fulfill her responsibility, the husband must take joint responsibility and resolve this." CSG p. 761

Mother's role was crucial

"Were it not for the Fall, heaven would have been a place to which God’s only begotten son and daughter would have gone after creating His family and living in His love. Heaven is to be entered by families, not individuals." CSG p.648

(1) God’s only begotten son and daughter are the first couple in His love.
(2) Father, as individual cannot enter Heaven. He needs only begotten daughter.

"In that regard, heaven is vacant.. The  loss  of  Adam  and  Eve meant  the  loss  of  their  clan.. He lost the heavenly race and tribe, and the heavenly man and woman –  His  only  begotten  son  and daughter." CSG p.648

(1) If there is no only begotten couple (TP) heaven is vacant
(2) If TM didn't fulfill her mission, no clan, no lineage, no TC will appear

This was Father's mission, to restore that loss, to restore only begotten daughter and the first true family, clan and nation. Mother's help and role was crucial all the way. Especially now, when she, united with Father in the sp.w. unites the Cosmos to establish God's first restored nation, CIG.

Mother United with Father's Vision

We see Mother constantly talk and mobilizing us about that. Read  to see a glimpse into the great work Family Federation is doing on world level, following Father's vision. We see God's Ideal being realized in front of our eyes with amazing speed, through the guidance of TM.
"Our own Unification Church members put up opposition saying women can't do anything.. but then True Mother stepped forward.. Therefore, I declared the arrival of the era of women. Wait and see if the age of women comes now or not." (Father CSG1, 1992.7.31)
Mother's victory is the first in history and the model for all women. If denying this fact Sanctuary Church will deny all Father's teachings and achievements. Father himself said, "the “only begotten son” needed to find the “only begotten daughter.” Father also said:
"You have been born through True Mother. Remember that the favor bestowed by the True Parents is a great blessing that cannot be exchanged for anything in the whole universe." Father, CSG


Amazing community is forming around CP Lake. You see a new pure, happy and creative culture rising among the thousands of second gen. children living and studying there. And this is only a glimpse into what's coming in near future, when big communities of few generations start appearing everywhere around the world.
"Blessed marriage and eternal life begin from True Parents. They cannot exist without True Parents." CSG p. 758

To Establish the First Model Nation in 2020 

Number of nations already educating their citizens in the Culture of Heart. In special-chosen nations rural areas with 80 to 100 % Blessed families. The Culture of Heart spreads like fire. Close to 400 families already fulfilled the Tribal Messiah mission to Bless and Educate 430 couples.
"God’s world is one based on the culture of heart. It is one unified extended family centered upon the one love of God. As such, the five races should live as one big family, with no one above or below others. Such a time is coming." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 1533
The magic happens in so many nations; Some Buddhist, some are Hindu or other religion... yet Tribal Blessings and the spread of the Culture of Heart is happening very fast. With the current temps of education... the estimates are 10 mill. new Blessed Families educated until 2020. But there are many additional effects... Already a Christian Leader, after going through 40 day WS, is teaching DP in his church. He alone has millions of followers. They started using Family Pledge and TP's picture.

World Leaders and Governess Supporting Actively 

At the moment there are around 50 chosen nations. 13 of them are selected as special - since the education of their citizens is going with great speed. Thousands of high official and VIP underwent 3 day and 7 day workshops on DP (Divine Principle). 700 world leaders have come to Korea for the World Summit Conference on Peace. The list of worldwide activities for Peace of UPF has no end and surpasses any effort of UN or any government. (Read full text)


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    This Message by Father confirm,
    True Mother Born Only Begotten Daughter. Sanctuary member, Deny this Truth and Accuse True Mother when say she only begotten daughter.
    Father Speek "It is an original requirement that True Mother must be an only Daughter. Adam was the original only Son; Jesus was the only Son. The Lord at the Second Advent is also the only Son from the perspective of God's Will. Since the man through whom God accomplishes the Will is His only Son, the woman must be His only Daughter.
    (223-241, 1991/11/10)


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