"Mother alone, represents True Parents" - Father
"Mother is the top decision maker" - Father's direction
"The responsible person of UC is not Hyung Jin nor Kook Jin. On the top of Hyung Jin there is Mother.. Do not forget this."

Sanctuary Church: Gossiping Ham nature of Hyungjin

Sanctuary Church: 
Gossiping Ham-nature of Hyungjin 

Sanctuary Church uses rumors and gossips to divide the Church and negate TF's words and tradition, under the banner of loving Father

Father says, "We must deeply experience God's love spiritually and hate what Satan loves." Satan's nature is to accuse, yet not be seen as the accuser. He is very manipulative. Gossiping is a powerful method of infusing negativity in others hearts, yet be considered the good, heartistic guy. Therefore, Father explained, the worse Satan is the one you don't see as evil; he looks so good, sweet, loving - so difficult to spot, because of their subtle, underhanded or deceptive ways.

True Parents are the center of Father's Words and Mission

Without True Mother there is no True Parents. Without True Parents, there is no Salvation. Whatever speech you open, from TF, you always read about True Parents; "Salvation is through True Parents", "Sharing our lives with True Parents", "have faith in True Parents", "become people who can obey the True Parents." Unable to unite with Mother, HJN had unresolved feelings in his heart that led him to rebel against her. Luck of unity automaticaly gives a base for Satan to invade.

HJN needed ideological excuse to deny True Parents

Same like Marx, who wanted to excuse rebellion and revolution, HJN needs ideology, to excuse the need to disbelieve the victorious position of True Parents, so that he can deny TM's authority, reverse dominion over that of True Parents, and openly teach others to disobey.

To do that, HJN had to deny all TF's words. Without Mother, Father could not fulfill his mission as the Messiah. Without TM's victory, True Children cannot be born. To deny TM, HJN denies his own lineage connection to God. That's why SC totally avoids to consider all the theological and historical consequences of their statements and rumors. They fail to fathom, that this way they don't destroy Mother, they destroy Father.

HJN united with Satan's purpose: destroy True Parents

Satan needed a method to discredit and destroy the position of True Parents. This is his primary purpose. Now, because of his Trapped Emotions, HJN was invaded and united in his heart with the same purpose. Since, any theological argument for that will be obvious and direct denial of all TF's words, he needed different, more subtle, underhanded way; So deceptive, that people will not notice how all Father's words and life are being denied. When people are invaded by Satan they don' realize what they do, and where that leads. Yet, we can observer Satan's ways expressed in their actions.

1. HJN accused, accused and accused

All HJN sermons are full with accusations. Please understand, this is not HJN, it's Satan's power behind. We see how in history, Satan's side, always accused, accused and accused, until everyone believes he has better solution. These accusations were always hidden under some 'righteous' cause. Instead of saying openly, "I deny True Father's victory, he raised the deceptive banner, "you don't like True Father", "I'm the only one who loves Father", so let's hate Mother.  Father is in the spirit world, can say nothing, so HJN focused all his attention on destroying Mather's credibility. What best way, than gossiping inner, unknown information. 

2. Gossips instead of logical reasons

Telling secret, inner stories against Mother, DMN and the Church is something easy to believe. Manipulator use small facts and twist them enough to create the most ugly and dark picture. All media negativity against our church was devised in the very same vicious way. This is powerful way, people's hearts and minds get invaded by horrible images and feeling. While normal logic is suppressed, people open their hearts and become possessed by the same Trapped Emotions.

What are Trapped Emotions?
Negative images and feelings, stored in ones memory.. in connection to person or a situation. They are the underlying cause of sicknesses and bad relationships.

How Trapped Emotions control us?
Each time you think of that person or situation, the same emotions overwhelm you. The negative resonance of these feelings make you feel negatively about him, think negatively, act negatively. Each time that happens, you add to the negative resonance. Give and take generates energy.

How are Trapped Emotions liberated?
When you recall them, you can rethink the situation in new, positive light and change the emotional resonance, these trapped negative energies in your body can be liberated. Thus, you heart and mind can now be free to act normally. We not only get free from the evil spirits, behind these heavy emotions, but we free them. You see, that's Returning Resurrection. Past unresolved feelings come, we feel them as our own, but we know the Principle and reverse them. Otherwise we are imprisoned by them.


1. What is Gossiping

DP: "See from self-centered perspective.. displeased with it.. stirred up the same emotion among his brothers.. they too were agitated by him in the same emotion. This was such a crime." Gossiping is a give and take action with common base against others, centered on Satan. It's not rational, but emotional sharing of displeased feelings.

2. Why it is so effective

The negative view and thoughts in our head come from evil spirits.. we multiply them in heartistic, intimate sharing.. The hearts of the others are invaded by the same emotions. The evil spirits expand their power and influence.

3. How to recognize Gossiping people

They love heartistic sharing of negative things against others. Cannot live without it. For them this is love. Very effective with their displeased feelings to manipulate others. If they have no one to gossip with, they feel depressed. Evil sp.w. constantly talks in their minds against others. 

Multiplication of Displeased Feelings

1. Ham's Sin: Gossiping

What Ham did was multiplication of his displeased feelings. This was Gossiping, against the God's representative - direct expression of the 4 fallen natures. DP gives the key points of this evil process.

1. Seeing from self-centered perspective
2. Displeased feelings
3. Stirring up the same emotion in others
4. They are now agitated by Ham in the same emotion to resent the person in God's position

What HJN is doing is exactly that. He multiplies his displeased feelings against TM on world scale. Now gathering representatives in all countries - on the common base of resentment (unresolved pain). And through threats triggers the fallen nature and provokes doubts, insecurity and fear - all low resonance, allowing Satan to invade.

Sanctuary Church will bring only damage in God's providence


Wake up! See how much evil and damage you're doing and how miserable and incapable of showing any good example you are Don't you see that those who like HJN are the most negative, doubtful, evil members, who have no conscience, ready to hurt others without remorse. HJN is teaching them this way!

These are people with personal failures, projecting them on the Church. Failures are failures! No one is guilty for their miserable, negative state of mind. Their lineage is connected to Hell, and no one but they are responsible to resurrect it. Blaming is repeating the mistakes of their ancestors. No resurrection there. WAke up!!!

Don't lie to me, that HJN cares about CSG. He denies every word of it!

DO YOU REALIZE, THAT THE ONLY ANSWER SC CAN GIVE, is to repeat the same gossips, that will make me even more ready to reveal their evil, manipulative, heartless nature. REPENTANCE will not help HJN, until he repairs all the damage he brought in the Church and to the providence. He will be remembered only as the worse betrayer, worse enemy of True Parents.

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  1. Sean is accusing his mother of the very evil that he is doing himself; and not only that Sean is a satan pulling his own brother Justin and members along into his realm of spiritual heresy. Claiming to uphold his father he actually is destroying his parents and their foundation along with it.

    Sean seems to me to be like a mentally disturbed person who draws others into their own mental state affecting them. His arguments - mixing a little bit of truth about corruption with his own theology - draws people into his realm.

    Remember how he and his brother went after their older brother and demonized him.. fighting his brother Preston and company with lawsuits they lost until their mother said that’s enough.

    What makes you think his behavior will change in future situations when he actually will have absolute power and control the finances and members? Seeing his nature, it's easy to guess why, once the father died these two brothers had to be cast out of the palace. What if they themselves are the cause of the horrible problems within their family and church because Sean just simply wants to be the King.


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